• Mining gold in Western
    Kenya since 2009

Who we are

Karebe Gold Mining Limited (KGML) operates three separate mines in Western Kenya; Equatorial, Rock Corry and Boma Mines.

Gold was first discovered in the region in the 1940’s, during which time a number of small scale mines were developed in the area. However, mining activity came to a halt after independence and there was no mining activity in the region until KGML commenced operations in 2009.

KGML is an investee company of the Maris Group, an Africa focused holding company that has been managing investments in Africa since 2006.

What we do

KGML has operated the three separate mines in the region since 2009. KGML has grown to nearly 300 employees and is one of the largest private sector employers in the region. Over 90% of KGML employees are from the local area.

KGML has a strong focus on social responsibility, including responsibility to its employees, communities and the environment in which it operates. It complies with local and international regulations, including the IFC Performance Standards on measuring, mitigating and reporting its environmental and social impact.