Community Development

Karebe Gold Mining Limited (KGML) is committed to the social and economic development of the community in which it operates. The tax and royalty payments KGML makes to the national and local governments are a significant source of revenue for each. In 2017, KGML passed KSh 1 billion in taxes paid to the Kenyan government. These payments are an important investment in both the country and the Western Kenya region in which KGML operates. They go to fund infrastructure and social programs, driving both economic growth and social development. In additional to these tax and royalty payment, activities that KGML has undertaken directly in the Kisumu region of Western Kenya include

  • Building or improving over 10kms of local roads to improve regional access
  • Financing a water pipeline project for the local community
  • Connecting 2 villages and a large and increasing number of dwellings to the Kenya Power grid
  • Building a local medical facility and supplying this monthly with necessary consumables and medications
  • Building a local library facility at a secondary school, stocking the library, and providing monthly consumables for teaching
  • Provision of desks and beds to local educational establishments
  • Funding of 100 local scholarships per year for disadvantaged children from within the local area