Our Company

The Maris group and Mining Division manager David May started Karebe Gold Mining Limited (KGML) in 2009. KGML operates three separate mines in Western Kenya; Equatorial, Rock Corry and Boma mines, all situated in close proximity on a single 1.5km hosted strike. Currently KGML mines to a depth of 180m and operates four surface shafts.

Equatorial Mine

The Equatorial Mine was the first of the three mines to be developed and is responsible over 90% of the ore produced at KGML to date. The mine has 6 underground levels, 2 haulage shafts and a pedestrian shaft.

Boma Mine

Boma Mine sits 1.2km to the North East of Equatorial Mine, on the same strike. Boma is comprised of a vertical shaft (Charles’ Shaft) and an inclined shaft (Boma Inclined Shaft – 40 degree), and is 3 levels deep.

Rock Corry Mine

Rock Corry is situated between Equatorial Mine and the new Boma Mine. Development of Rock Corry Mine began in 2016.