Our Company

KGML operates two separate mines in Western Kenya; Rock Cory and Boma mines, all situated in close proximity on a single 1.5km hosted strike. KGML mines to a vertical depth of 180m, with a 352 metre incline at twenty seven degrees (as at September 2023) and operates three surface shafts.

Boma Mine

Boma Mine sits to the East of Rock Cory, on the same strike. Boma Mine is comprised of a vertical shaft (Charles’ Shaft) and an inclined shaft (Boma Inclined Shaft – 40 degree), and is 4 levels deep.

Rock Corry Mine

Rock Cory is a single shaft situated to the West of Boma Mine. It is our main productive shaft. Development of Rock Cory Mine began in 2016. Currently we use levels 3,4,5,6 & 7 for our production and we have established level 8 with the prospect of breaking more ground to level 9.