Environmental Impact

Karebe Gold Mining Limited (KGML) has a comprehensive environmental management system in place to monitor the effects of its operations on the environment and address any issues should they arise. The system provides scheduled monitoring, engineering controls and reporting on the following areas:

  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Tailings management facility
  • Mill site and mine waste dumps runoff effluents
  • Acid and laboratory effluent collection and recovery
  • Dust control
  • Spill incidents on site and off site
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Environment impact monitoring
  • Planning for site decommissioning and rehabilitation
  • Potable water treatment system
  • Sewage operation
  • Landfill operation and inventory

KGML complies with local and international regulations, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards on measuring, mitigating and reporting its environmental impact, as well as the IFC Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Mining.

KGML’s Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring and Protection Plans have been approved by the National Environmental Management Agency (NEMA), and KGML is audited on a regular basis by NEMA.

KGML has signed up to a European code on Cyanide handling and usage and manages a complete closed water reticulation system. The company is incident free.